Kathal Cutlets

By Chef Savita T

Preparation Time : 3.5 Hrs

Tags: Kashmiri


Serves 8 pcs

Kathal Cutlets is a Kashmiri dish made from raw jack fruit. It tastes a bit like shammi kebabs.

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About the Dish

Kathal Cutlets, also known as Kathaler Chop, is a Kashmiri delicacy. The dish consists of raw Jackfruit, which is a diabetic friendly meal. Kathal cutlets is a known dish in South India, but it has its variation in the Bengali cuisine. Did you know that Jackfruit is one of the least known superfoods? Well, jackfruit is very good for you as it is rich in fiber, lowers high blood pressure, and the natural chemicals may prevent ulcers formation. Jackfruit is popular all over our country, but has gained relative fame in the Western countries.

How to Eat

The dish is supposed to be eaten hot as the cutlet will be crispy on the outside giving they to a soft filling. The dish is not spicy and can be enjoyed at any of the day. You can eat it with it with some accompaniment like chutney or sauce of you choice.

About the Chef

Chef Savita T