Gujarati Patodi

By Chef Rupal V

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Gujarati


Serves 12 pcs

It is made by roasting gram flour with ginger garlic paste, then beating it to a batter that is stuffed and steamed later on.

About the Dish

Gujarati Patodi is a vegetarian snack that is a variation on the Maharashtrian Patodi. Passed down from generations, this dish is a rare delicacy which consists of gram flour, khus khus, and coconut. Gujarati Patodi uses very less ingredients but, surely has an amazing taste and with using these ingredients, it’s easy to add to any diet. Since its completely vegan and almost gluten free, the dish could be considered healthy. Our chef uses her family’s traditional recipe which makes this dish more authentic and tasty.

How to Eat

This dish is supposed to be enjoyed hot with some imli chutney. The patodi is garnished with some coconut flakes and sev. The patodi is soft and has a savoury taste, which can be enjoyed as a snack with some hot beverage.

About the Chef

Chef Rupal V