Maccher Kaliya

By Chef Moushumi S

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Bengali


Serves 2

Maccher Kaliya is loaded with spices, including a special Bengali masala.

About the Dish

Maccher Kaliya, also known as Rui/Katla Maccher Kaliya, is a Bengali delicacy. The term Kaliya originates from the Persian word, Qaliya, and the dish is an exact opposite of the dish, Korma/Qorma. Bengali delicacies have taken influence and evolved from Mughlai cuisine. According to a legend, Arab traders, that made port at Bengal, modified their Kaliya recipe with local ingredients and fish. Another story says that the chefs of Nawab of Bengal replaced the Badshahi masalas with the local produce. One thing for sure is that, our chef uses her traditional family recipe to prepare this dish which makes it tasty and authentic.

How to Eat

The best way to enjoy this dish is to eat it with some steamed rice or with a flatbread of your choice. The dish is supposed to be enjoyed hot while the dish is mildly spiced. It has a thick gravy, where the fish is soft and perfectly cooked, and it can be eaten at lunch or dinner.

About the Chef

Chef Moushumi S