Masala Appam

By Chef Pratiksha R

Preparation Time : 12 Hrs

Tags: South Indian


Serves 1/2 kg

This is a popular South Indian snack that is made with urad dal which has been soaked overnight, chopped onion and boiled rice.

About the Dish

Masala Appam, also known as Masala Paniyaram, is a South Indian delicacy. It’s a dish that has gained some popularity over the past few years and has seen some variations such as spicy, sweet, or plain. Masala Appam, when prepared, consists of less oil, so that’s one thing you about which you don’t have to worry. You also need to know that since it contains rice and urad dal, the dish is gluten-free, protein rich, easy digestion, and is easy to add to your diet.

How to Eat

The dish is supposed to be eaten hot and fresh as it would bring the authentic taste. The appams are crispy on the outside giving the way to a soft center and pairs very well with some chutney that has a nutty taste. The dish can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

About the Chef

Chef Pratiksha R