Unni Appam

By Chef Pratiksha R

Preparation Time : 12 Hrs

Tags: South Indian


Serves 2

Unni appam are fried dough balls that are sweet. South Indian beignets, if you will.


About the Dish

Unni Appam, also known as Karollappam, is a South Indian snack. This is a popular snack in Kerala, where in Malayalam, unni means ‘small’ and appam means ‘rice cake’. Unni appam is a sweet snack that is usually made using rice, jaggery, banana, and other ingredients. It is a common dish from the late 2000s and has gained quite the hype. Even though, it’s fried, it absorbs less oil and because of its ingredients, it could be considered a healthy snack, which is easy to add to your diet. Jaggery is one of the main ingredients, which is rich in iron, rich in antioxidants, and helps build immunity.

How to Eat

Unni Appam is a sweet snack that is supposed to be enjoyed hot. You can eat it as an evening snack or at breakfast with some hot beverage. The appam is crispy on the outside while being soft on the inside and can be enjoyed with accompaniments of your choice.

About the Chef

Chef Pratiksha R