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Our Chefs

Chef Varsha

Even today, I often call my mother to discuss recipes, she still doesn’t cease to amaze me! Her vast flavor palette and experience are my constant go to.

Chef Kalpana

We came to Nagpur a few years back. Here not many people knew about Bihari cuisine. My food became a hit instantaneously! I joined Nativ Chefs and now I proudly call myself a chef.

Chef Shobha

With all the encouragement from family and friends I eventually started a cloud kitchen of my own; and now I am here at Nativ Chefs.

Chef Kareena

It has been 20 years now, and I am glad I am able to serve my father’s recipes to people of Nagpur.

Chef Praveena

Being a part of Nativ Chefs has been a wholesome experience and made me self-reliant.

Chef Rohini D.

Rohini is a Post Graduate in Sociology.

Chef Savita

People started appreciating my food and that was a definite confidence boost. That and my husband’s encouragement led me to trying my hand at professional cooking. Even today, they both are my biggest critiques. I get a bouquet of praises from them if a dish turns out great and that is all the validation I need!

Chef Smriti

I think we should not forget our roots in this wave of modernization and be as authentic as we can.

Chef Vijaya

It gives me immense happiness to serve food to my family and everyone else, to see their joyous faces filled with food. If not for my mother, I would have never realized my passion for cooking.

Chef Jennifer

Baking makes me nostalgic and gives a sense of purpose. I feel like I am serving happiness with each slice of cake!

Chef Jyoti D

I cook food, not because I have to, but because I want to. I want to spread the joy my family has when they eat sweets.

Chef Kanchan

I want to see faces light up after eating my snacks. I believe in perseverance and feel that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

Chef Fatema

I am a happy grandmother and glad to be working from home on my free time!

Chef Vandana

Through Nativ Chefs I want to spread my epicurean knowledge and keep making places in people’s heart through their stomachs.

Chef Rupal Vyas

I loved the cooking part the most. For those few days every month, it would be my chance to cook something new and experiment in our kitchen.

Chef Rohini Patwardhan

I believe these traditional recipes should not die with us and must be spread to the next generation.

Chef Sunita Prakash

It was food that gave me comfort and love in this new city, and made me realize my passion for cooking. And now, I want to share that love with everyone here!

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