Mutton Biryani

By Chef Fatema K

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Bohra


Serves 1 kg

Mutton Biryani is a highly indulgent recipe that marries culture with heritage.

About the Dish

Mutton Biryani is a Bohra delicacy, that consists of lamb mixed with an array of spices and rice. It’s also known as Gosht Biryani, and Taimur was the first to introduce it in 1398 in India. Even though it has variations, our chef uses her family recipe, which makes it authentic and tasty. It’s a popular delicacy and there are different types of cultural preparations like, Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknowi, Kolkata, Delhi, and many others.

How to Eat

The best way to eat is to mix all the spices with the rice and the pieces of mutton. Take a bite using a spoon or your hands, and enjoy the flavourful experience. The dish is best enjoyed when its hot as the succulent pieces of mutton have a mildly spicy taste. It can be eaten as lunch or diner or at a party with your friends and family.

About the Chef

Chef Fatema K