By Chef Kanchan A

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Maharashtrian


Serves 1 kg

Chiwda as a snack has been so deeply imbibed in our history that it is almost a traditional snack now.

About the Dish

Chiwda, also known as Poha Chiwda, is an Indian snack. It’s made using flattened rice flakes and dried coconut pieces with some roasted groundnuts. Chiwda is mostly popular as part of the ‘Diwali Faral’, but it can also be enjoyed if guests are arriving. It’s a light snack that has its different variations according to other cultures. It is easy to add to any diet as it does not absorb much oil and because of the roasted groundnuts, it’s a great source of fiber and proteins.

How to Eat

Chiwda is a crunchy snack because of the groundnuts, dried coconut, and rice flakes. It's a savoury dish that can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature. You need not worry about storing it, as it has a shelf lie of approximately 2 months. It can be enjoyed any time of the day with accompaniments as per your preferences.

About the Chef

Chef Kanchan A