Dabeli Dhokla

By Chef Jigisha S

Preparation Time : 3.5 Hrs

Tags: Gujarati


Serves 1 kg

Dabeli Dhokla is a unique dish prepared using rice and urad dal instead of the traditionally used sooji.


About the Dish

Dabeli Dhokla, also known as Dhokla-Dabeli Sandwich, is a relatively modern concept in India. Dabeli and Dhokla are both traditional Gujarati delicacies that combine to make this a healthy snack. It’s a snack that removes bread from the equation and the filling contains mashed potatoes that makes this dish gluten-free. Instead of using semolina, the dhokla consists of rice and urad dal which makes it more healthier.

How to Eat

This delicacy is supposed to be enjoyed hot or at room temperature and has a mildly spicy taste to it. The dhokla and the filling both are very soft and light which can be enjoyed at breakfast or as an evening snack with a hot beverage of your choice. It can also be served as a party starter if you have any vegetarian guests.

About the Chef

Chef Jigisha S