Dal Puri Combo

By Chef Shobha S

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Bihari


Serves 2

Dal puri and aaloo ki sabji is a classic Indian breakfast. Although it is such a simple dish, it is enjoyed on special days.


About the Dish

Dal Puri with Aaloo ki Sabzi hails from the Bihari cuisine, where the puri contains a filling of chana dal. This delicacy is famous in the Eastern region, but not in the other states. Dal Puri and Aaloo ki Sabzi is usually a festive delicacy but has gained some demand during non-festive seasons. It has different variants throughout the state but our chef makes this delicacy using her traditional recipe passed from generations.

How to Eat

To enjoy it properly, break the dal puri in a bite sized piece; scoop some of the aaloo sabzi and enjoy the delicacy. The dish is supposed to be eaten hot as the aaloo sabzi has a thick gravy and the puri is dense like a paratha. It can be consumed at either breakfast, lunch, or dinner so that you can get the unique taste.

About the Chef

Chef Shobha S