Keema Samosas

By Chef Fatema K

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Bohra


Serves 8 pcs

This deep-fried delicacy is a quintessential Bohra snack, loved by all, and had by all on all occasions.


About the Dish

Keema Samosa, also known as Mangsher Singara in Bengali, is a popular Bohra delicacy. This is a famous evening snack among Muslims during Ramadan and as a street food item too. Keema Samosa contains minced meat cooked with a traditional recipe of our chef and has a wheat flour wrapping, ‘Par’. The whole wheat covering makes this a little healthier as usual samosas are made using Maida. It absorbs less oil and can easily complement any diet.

How to Eat

With a crispy texture on the outside and soft filling on the inside, this is a savoury starter you don't want to miss. It is supposed to be enjoyed hot with some green chutney and can be eaten as an evening snack as well.

About the Chef

Chef Fatema K