Khishichi Patodi

By Chef Kanchan A

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Maharashtrian


Serves 10 pcs

Besan Patodis tempered with onions and fresh spices that hit all the right notes. Enjoy it as a snack with your favorite chutney or with fresh rotis.

About the Dish

Khishichi Patodi, also known as Patwadi, is a Maharashtrian delicacy similar to Gujarati ‘Khandvi’. It consists of gram flour and makes a great accompaniment for your lunch or dinner or as an evening snack. Khishichi Patodi is a very rare dish but is slowly gaining some popularity among the people. It’s a dish that is very light and is easy to make with a very few ingredients but has amazing taste.

How to Eat

It's a savoury snack that is supposed to be enjoyed hot. It is very soft with a mildly spicy taste. It can be eaten as an evening snack with accompaniments of your choice like a chutney and a hot beverage.

About the Chef

Chef Kanchan A