Mutton Masala

By Chef Vandana S

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Madhya Pradesh


Serves 2

One bite and you would want to change the name of this dish from Mutton Masala to Magical Mutton Masala.


About the Dish

Mutton Masala is a Madhya Pradeshi delicacy, which originated in India and Bangladesh. Also known as mutton curry or gosht masala, it’s a variable dish across the country. In the past decade or so, people would cook Mutton Masala by putting all ingredients in an earthen pot and slow cooking in a clay oven. Our chef uses her family recipe, which makes this dish authentic, tasty, and rich in protein.

How to Eat

You can eat this dish with some steamed rice or with a flatbread of your choice. Pour the gravy and pieces over the rice and mix it up, or break a bite-sized piece from the roti and mutton, and dip it in the gravy. The dish best when eaten hot and can be enjoyed at lunch or dinner. It's a mildly spicy dish that has a thick gravy.

About the Chef

Chef Vandana S