Pindi Chole with Stuffed Kulcha

By Chef Neeru B

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Punjabi


Serves 1

Pindi Chole is a North Indian dish and is named after the town where it originated, Rawalpindi. This is a popular variation of the versatile chole.



Pindi Chole, also known as Pindi Chana Masala, is a Punjabi delicacy. The dish takes the name from the town called Rawalpindi, where it originated. Pindi Chole is popular delicacy in Punjab, Haryana, and other North Indian states. Our chef uses his own recipe passed in the family for many years that gives this dish an authentic Punjabi taste. The dish has seen some variations in India between different cultures but all we can say is it’s protein-rich dish.

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Serves 1




The gravy has a thick consistency and has a slight tang to the otherwise mildly-spiced dish. The dish is supposed to be consumed hot and with stuffed aalu kulcha served on the side. To eat it properly, break a bite-sized piece of the stuffed aalu kulcha and dip in the gravy with some chole and enjoy flavors burst in your mouth.




Chef Neeru B