Roshogulla Payesh

By Chef Papia G

Preparation Time : 7.5 Hrs

Tags: Bengali


Serves 6 pcs

Roshogulla and kheer are among the most loved desserts in India. Roshogulla is a traditional Bengali sweet

About the Dish

Roshogulla Payesh, also known as Rasgulla Kheer, is a Bengali delicacy. It’s a dessert where rasogolla submerges in a thick and flavoured milk and gives it a unique taste. Roshogulla Payesh is an integral part of festive occasions for Bengalis as they serve it during social gatherings. Rasgulla is an age-old dish descending from Indian Mythology with kheer coming from the books of ayurveda and when these two combine, it brings a marriage of flavours and texture that will satisfy your cravings, but will leave you wanting more.

How to Eat

The best way to enjoy this dish is to break the rasgulla in a bite sized piece, let it soak the kheer and enjoy the flavourful experience. The dish can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature as the kheer has a thick consistency, and the rasgulla is very soft and juicy. It can be eaten as a dessert after a meal but has to be consumed fresh as it will lose its authentic taste.

About the Chef

Chef Papia G