Soya Chaap Biryani

By Chef Kareena K

Preparation Time : 4.5 Hrs

Tags: Punjabi


Serves 1/2 kg

Soya Chap is made from restructuring Soya Beans into Paneer like consistency. It is then marinated in curd and spices for an hour and cooked with rice.

About the Dish

Soya Chaap Biryani is a Punjabi delicacy, that contains soy beans’ chaap or kebab, if you may. It’s a popular dish in North India and has several variations. Our chef uses her family recipe which makes it authentic and fulfilling. Soya Chaap gained a lot of demand in few years because of its benefits. It’s a meat-substitute for vegetarians and also if you want to replace paneer. Soya beans are healthy as they are rich in protein and promotes healthy bones.

How to Eat

You can eat this dish with some salad on the side or by itself. Break the soya chaap into a bite-sized piece, mix it with the biyani, and enjoy the burst of flavours. It's a mildly spicy dish that has perfectly cooked soya chaap and flavoursome rice. It;s best enjoyed when it's hot and can be eaten at lunch or dinner with your family or guests.

About the Chef

Chef Kareena K