Soya Chaap Combo

By Chef Kareena K

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Punjabi


Serves 2

Soya Chaap is a healthier variant made from soya beans, which our chef sources form Delhi.

About the Dish

Soya Chaap Curry and Laccha Paratha is a modern dish that hails from Punjab. It’s a vegan alternative for people who cannot eat meat and as a substitute for paneer. Soya chaap has its origins in South Asia and found mostly in India but isn’t as popular as paneer. Soyabean is its main ingredient which is high in plant-based protein and fiber, and is cholesterol free. Laccha Paratha has its origins in the state of Punjab and is a popular type of flatbread in India, where the term laccha means ‘ring’ as the paratha consists of several layers of ring-shaped dough.

How to Eat

To eat it properly, you can break a bite sized piece from the paratha and soya chaap, dip it in the gravy, and enjoy the unique taste. The dish is supposed to be enjoyed hot as the soya chap has a thick gravy and the paratha should be soft. The dish can be eaten at lunch or dinner, the choice is yours.

About the Chef

Chef Kareena K