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I didn’t set foot in our kitchen much in Buldhana when I was in school- it was solely my mother’s territory. And she was brilliant at it! Always experimenting, trying out new dishes. I, on the contrary, was quite the introverted studious kid. Always immersed in books! I didn’t cook at all and nobody at home seemed to mind it- until I got married. My mother-in-law, just like my mother, was a brilliant chef. So was my husband! Thus began my journey of learning this art. Everything was new to me- be it peeling or roasting or kneading dough. I read a lot of cook-books, watched dozens of cookery TV shows and tried different recipes from newspapers. It was a difficult few years, but the process made me realize that I actually enjoy cooking! And since I was surrounded by desert lovers, sweets were the first thing I mastered. Shrikhand, Puranpoli, Rabdi, Karanji; I was make everything by the hour like a professional in no time. Now I cook food, not because I have to, but because I want to. I want to spread the joy my family has when they eat sweets.

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