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My mother cooked for a family of 15 every day for her entire life. Mind you, cooking for a Gujarati family is no easy task since we love food! Our kitchen was perpetually busy- we had a hearty three- course meal every day! As a kid this hustle bustle fascinated me beyond limit, and my mother often caught me standing by the door observing everything. Sometimes she would let me assist her in prepping- kneading dough, peeling vegetables, rolling Chapattis. My mother cooked delicious food, and assisting her was a proud moment for me! Even today, after more than 30 years of marriage I have the same enthusiasm and love for cooking. Earlier with participating in our family business I somehow managed to find time to cook for my family even then. Now I have a five year old grand-daughter and I am a busy grandmother. I prepare all meals every day and it gives me immense satisfaction to see their faces brighten up with each bite. I believe these traditional recipes should not die with us and must be spread to the next generation.

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