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Everyone in our family was a die-hard fan of my mother’s Patodi Rassa and Saoji style mutton. Every weekend there would be that special aroma coming from our kitchen, and we would just know that there will be something delicious on the table soon. We were a family of five members in Nagpur, and we all loved to eat. And as a cherry on the cake, my grandmother and mother were amazing chefs. I would often stand by the kitchen platform- observing their meticulous ways of cooking. Even a simple plate of Varan-Bhaat made by them would taste heavenly!
I think that is what inspired me to pick the rolling pin in the first place. I aspired to make as good Saoji food as hers. When I got married, my in laws and husband were exactly the kind of food lovers we were! I loved cooking for them, and now I love to cook for my two girls. Sometime someone would eat my food and compliment it to my mother’s, and I would be on cloud nine! Even today, I often call my mother to discuss recipes, she still doesn’t cease to amaze me! Her vast flavor palette and experience are my constant go to. If everything goes well, I would definitely want to open my own restaurant.

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