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Our story : About Nativ Chefs

Concept Story

We live in a world that likes things on the go. We move quickly, barely breathe, survive on caffeine and eat on the go. We are trapped in our routines so tightly that we have almost forgotten our roots. In the quest of following dreams we have come far away from home.

While everything else is becoming momentary, there is a need for something nostalgic. In this fleeting world, there is a desire for something valuable.

Having felt that, food has been an inseparable part of our lives. Our food culture has been an important part of who we are and how we express ourselves. And not many people are lucky enough to experience regional food, let alone the authentic traditional food. We wanted to bridge the gap between yesterday and today and bring people closer to their roots.

Therefore, Nativchefs was born.

We at Nativchefs believe that there is a charm in old traditional recipes. We firmly advocate that food made with love at a home kitchen beats anything from a fancy bistro. When cooked authentically, homemade food has the power to transport you to a land far off. At Nativchefs, we aim to give you the taste of your childhood; made in a home kitchen by someone’s mother, or even father. Here at Nativchefs, Tradition Meets Technology.

Our Future

Although we strive hard to populate the traditional regional food among the masses and always will, it is not a single man’s job. We, as a society need to step up and own our heritage. We need to keep our traditional food alive. With an ever changing landscape of food industry, we need to cling on to our roots and not let it perish.

We think it is best to move forward with our history with us.

Our Chefs

The people behind chef’s hats and aprons are our very own mothers with an untapped potential in them. They had a chest of recipes from their grandmothers and mothers who came from all parts of the country. The richness of their culture, the uniqueness of their recipes and the fragility of their attachment with food needed to be shown in a new light.

Hence began the journey of our homemakers becoming ‘homechefs’.

Over the past two years, our chefs have transformed exceptionally. Women whose lives revolved around food, today feel empowered because of it. They worked hard, learned management skills and groomed themselves professionally. What once was a home kitchen, now got a professional makeover with following all standard sanitary protocols. We too organized various activities and training sessions for them to learn and they delivered better. After many detailed discussions and up-scaling sessions later, today we are a proud family of 50 chefs and still going strong.

Become a Chef

Our Events

So how do we reach out to people and explain our concept? and how do we showcase the talents of homemakers behind that chef's hats and aprons? We do a lot of events such as stall activities in popular exhibitions like She Fest, Fashionista, Honey Bunny, etc. We also organize a cookery competition to find the untapped potential of homemakers, and one of our exclusive event Indian Treasures, a buffet dining event where 20+ traditional delicacies are showcase from various regions of India made!

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