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Nativ Chefs of Home Cooking!!!

Leena Dixit loves to cook during his school days. Hotel management is what uncles engineering is all about. Reads that their word is not. Has worked in corporate organizations for thirteen years. Participated in the Women’s Startup Program in IIM Bangalore. No more courage. He thought his dreams would not come true otherwise. Sharpened his thoughts. While serving home cooking, she has often been passionate about providing employment for women. Native Chepi, an online cooking platform started in Nagpur in 3018, specializes in Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Party Moghlai and South Indian cuisines. It stands as a fine employment for housewives who have a good grasp of dishes. It is enough to register the fish, believing that business skills are required along with cooking and training them before hiring trees