Chocolate Balls

By Chef Jennifer E

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Goan


Serves 12 pcs

All things chocolate go into making these delicious mini bombs of flavor.


About the Dish

Chocolate balls are a Goan delicacy, that consists of crumbled cake rolled into balls and a chocolate coating. Also known as chokladboll, it’s a popular dish over the world and is available in almost all confectionary shops. Chocolate Balls has its origins in the Nordic countries Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark, that have popularised this sweet treat. It’s a variable dish that could consist of coating like sprinkles. Our chef uses her family recipe, which makes it authentic and yummy.

How to Eat

The best way to enjoy it is to eat it without any accompaniments as it has a flavourful taste on it's own and can be eaten cold or at room temperature. It's sweet treat that can be eaten as a dessert or as a midnight snack in secret all to yourself!!

About the Chef

Chef Jennifer E