Laccha Rabdi


Rabdi is a popular sweet dish in North India, it has a thick and creamy texture, and it is made rich with full cream milk, loads of malai, dry fruits, cardamom powder, and saffron.


Laccha Rabdi is a Punjabi delicacy, that’s all about milk. Also known as Rabri or Rabadi, it has several variations in different households and has a similar dish named, Basundi. Interestingly, Bengal had banned Laccha Rabdi, in 1965, because of economic recession and its excessive use of milk. However, after protests from sweet shops, they removed the ban. Our chef uses her family recipe, which makes Laccha Rabdi an authentic and yummy.

Additional information


Chef Praveena L


Serves 1/2 kg




It's supposed to be eaten without any accompaniments as it gives a flavourful experience on its own. It has a thick consistency and is a sweet treat that's garnished with chopped dry fruits. It can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature and can be eaten as a dessert or as a snack all to yourself!!