Date Walnut Cake

By Chef Jennifer E

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Goan


Serves 1/2 kg

Date Walnut Cake is a classic old-school recipe. Dates render a great flavor to the cake as they hold their shape while baking.



Date Walnut cake is a traditional Goan dish, which is famous during Christian holidays. It’s origins lay in the United Kingdom, as its first recorded recipe was in 1939, in Scotland. Date walnut cake is popular in all types of cafes in the U.K. and has gained significant demand across the world. Our chef uses her traditional Goan recipe to prepare this amazing sweet treat, which makes it authentic and yummy. There are benefits of consuming walnuts as they good for the brain and promote a better digestive system. Dates act as a natural sweetener, so this dish uses less or no sugar and helps fight diabetes.

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Chef Jennifer E


Serves 1/2 kg




The best way to eat this dish is to take a slice of the cake, take some chocolate sauce or some ice cream and enjoy, or you can eat it without any accompaniments. The dish can be eaten when it's hot or at room temperature. If you have stored it for the next day, reheat it for 5 mins and enjoy. The cake soft with some crunch from walnuts, and can be eaten as an evening snack with some hot beverage.