By Chef Moushumi S

Preparation Time : 3.5 Hrs

Tags: Bengali


Serves 6 pcs

Patishapta is a Traditional Bengali sweet dish made on Poush Sankranti.

About the Dish

Patishapta is a traditional Bengali delicacy that’s a combination of three sweets. While it’s THE most popular Bengali delicacy, after Rasgulla, it has several variations within the Bengali households. Patishapta gains popularity around Poush Sankranti/ Makar Sankranti and it’s a must try for all foodies. Patishapta is an equivalent to the American Crepes, but our chef serves it with a coconut filling and covers the rice flour based wrap with some sweet kheer and dry fruits. Our chef’s family recipe is what brings the dish’s authenticity and lip-smacking taste.

How to Eat

You can enjoy this sweet delight as the kheer is poured on top of the roll, take a bite sized piece, and enjoy the burst of some unique sweet flavours. You can enjoy this while it's hot or at room temperature, or even store it in the fridge and eat it cold. It has a soft texture and can be eaten as a dessert or as a midnight snack in secret!!

About the Chef

Chef Moushumi S