Keema Kaleji

By Chef Vandana S

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Madhya Pradesh


Serves 2

Succulent minced Mutton with chunks of liver, cooked to perfection with onions and flavoured aromatic spices that will tickle your taste buds.

About the Dish

Keema Kaleji, also called Mutton Keema, is a Madhya Pradeshi delicacy. It’s origins closely link to the Mughals because the Mughal courts had this on their weekly menu. It was also popular during family gatherings and other special occasions. Keema Kaleji is our chefs speciality as she uses her traditional recipe, which makes this dish authentic and tasty.

How to Eat

To eat the dish properly, you can eat it by itself as a starter or with some accompaniments like flatbread or steamed rice. The dish is supposed to be enjoyed hot as it has a very thick gravy. It's mildly spicy and can be enjoyed at parties during lunch or dinner.

About the Chef

Chef Vandana S