Parwal Ki Mithai

By Chef Ekta M

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Uttar Pradesh


Serves 8 pcs

This sweet was said to be lost somewhere between the pages of history, but we have found the dish. It is one of the traditional dishes in Banaras and Bihar.



Parwal ki Mithai is an Uttar Pradeshi delicacy, that is a unique sweet with stuffing of mawa and nuts. The dish was thought to be lost in the pages of history, but is popular in U.P. and Bihar. Parwal ki Mithai is a unique sweet that consists a stuffing of mawa and nuts in parwal (green potato). This delicacy gains a lot of demand during festivals but can be enjoyed normally as well. Our chef uses her traditional recipe that makes this dish delicious beyond words.

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Chef Ekta M


Serves 8 pcs




The dish is very soft as Parwal is boiled and then dipped in sugar syrup, and it is enjoyed best at room temperature. Mawa and nuts are stuffed in the Parwal, so when you eat it, it should give you a melt-in-the-mouth reaction. You can eat it after lunch or dinner to complete your meal, but be sure to try this dish because it is a must-have.