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Spinach: The Green Ambrosia

We all know that spinach is Popeye’s favorite food. If you have a green thumb, this vegetable is a treat to cultivate. But did you know that it possesses a wide spectrum of curative properties and ranks high in the nutritive value as well? Let us take a good look and marshal a little further. Spinach is a leafy vegetable with broad green leaves. The leaves are considered very cool. It is grown predominantly in the cold season and matures very quickly. The stem is smooth, round, and delicate. The leaves are succulent, fleshy, and dark green in color. The bottom of the leaf is shiny
with thick veins running across. It is believed to have Persian and Arabic is also grown abundantly in India. It tends to thrive in a cool and moist climate. Tender foliage spawns very well in high humidity and cool temperatures. This is a hallmark of this green wonder. The foliage thrives in a conducive climate.

Spinach is rich in amino acids, iron, vitamin a, and folic acid. Its protein content is at par with meat fish eggs and chicken. Other vegetables like tomatoes, onion, and cucumber may be added as well. Sometimes lemon juice and olive oil might as well be incorporated. The leaves of spinach are demulcent or soothing agents, diuretic, and laxatives in many cases as well. It can help cure various disorders such as constipation, anemia, acidosis, night blindness, dental disorders, urinary disorders, respiratory disorders. So, don’t mince words, mince these delicious and tender leaves instead. Just head to the kitchen and get cracking with steaming spinach soup, palak paneer, palak cutlet, etc. Just dig in!

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