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Why you should prefer Traditional mithai this festive season

The festive season is around the corner and what highlights the festivals ‘Mithais’. No Indian festival is complete without Mithai or sweets so why not go for traditional ones this season? But what is the fact behind saying that the traditional Mithais are better? So given below are some facts that actually prove to you that the traditional Mithais are the best!!

Fact 1: Smaller Quantity
Traditional Mithais are made in less quantity as they are made especially for you and the astonishing fact?? The nutritional value of the mithai is retained So now you can enjoy the mithai with much more relish. Never believed that mithais could be made without sacrificing with the taste and health!!

Fact 2: Use of Ghee

Traditional mithais are made with fresh ghee or oil where a perfectly measured quantity of ghee or oil is used and the medium is not reused again which is far better than the mithais made in replacement of Healthy fats i.e. trans fat which is not healthy for your stomach and could be an alarming concern for the most of us.

Fact 3: No Preservative

Most of the Mithais these days are made with preservatives to prolong its shelf life at the cost of one’s health. Consuming mithais with added preservatives in it deteriorates your health making you vulnerable to heart and breathing problems. While the mithais made traditionally are made without the preservatives so kudos to the traditional mithai!!!

Fact 4: Replacement of Sugar with Sweeteners

A lot of artificial sweeteners are added to the mithais these days to accentuate the taste but it again raises a health concern while in the traditionally made mithais there is no need of artificial sweeteners as it is made with the purest unused sugar or jaggery and with the utmost love and care and when food is handled with hands particularly fingers it releases the flora digestive enzymes in the food which helps us to digest the food better

Fact 5: Maa ke hath ka Swad

Remember that taste of your “Maa ke hath ke Cham Cham” ya “Aai ke hath ki bani Puran Poli”? or it can be any of the mithai which could bring out those mithi- mithi yaadein that you cherish forever and you take pride in saying that no one can make the exact version of that dish so what if this Rakshabandhan you celebrate it the way you used to with your family and let’s cherish those moments again by following the social distancing guidelines

So when it comes to homemade fresh food we at Nativ Chefs are committed to delivering you only the freshly made traditional food which is prepared with utmost love and care and most importantly it is cooked and delivered with safe hands.

So this festive season let us know what you prefer and let us all celebrate it in a traditional way.


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