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A chef reaching new Horizons

Shruti Jain was an ordinary girl with an MBA in HR and Marketing. Although her family had a business of their own, there was no pressure on her to pursue the family tradition. But, she always had lots of dreams and aspirations, that were yet to see the light of the day. Her affair with the culinary arts began when she started to assist her mother in cooking for guests at home. The spark found its flame when she took a liking for the craft and started conducting classes for local ladies in the vicinity. As the word of mouth spread, the frequency of her workshops increased. Needless to say, her recognition spawned to humungous proportions.

Later, she participated in Master Chef India contest. This took her one notch higher. It unlocked entire new doorways of opportunities, a new plethora of new cuisines like international, Chinese, Thai and a compendium of innovative dishes like desserts, chocolates, and Nano cooking were now adding more feathers in the cap of her culinary odyssey. She was called as a jury for many cookery contests, where she judged budding novices.

She won a place in Limca book of records for making 323 varieties of items from potatoes. Another feat is her mention in the Asia book of records for 21 layer cake from 21 grains weighing 21 kg made on 21 January for 21 disabled children. She was honored with the title of “Chef of Nagpur.”

She believes she has explored new horizons, as she now works as a consultant for many hotels. She helps them to make bonafide tweaks to their menus with the help of her widely gleaned expertise. She plans to conduct workshops in the Middle East in yet another year.

She feels that The Gourmet of Nagpur is on the anvil of positively huge transformation and that the palette of the quintessential Nagpur foodie is evolving, day by day. The fleet of new innovative food joints are a testimony to this. Thus, attesting to the fact that Nagpur is definitely making its mark on the global culinary scenario. Thereby, making a mark on the international Gourmet map.

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First Chef Meet

We started our search for capable home chefs by ordering paid samples from them. We tasted the samples ourselves and shortlisted 18 most delectable dishes out of 52.

It is our priority to provide food that is true to its origin. We selected a total of 16 home chefs based on their skill, dedication, and willingness to share their talent with the world.

We held our first meet on the 23rd of July, 2018, at our office in the IIM Nagpur campus. Our main agenda was to familiarise our chefs with our business model. Other goals of the event included – working out the cost of every single dish selected, suggesting better methods of preparation with the help of our advisor, food photography for our website, and distribution of aprons.

We held our second meet on the 3rd of August, 2018. The goal of this event was to train our home chefs and set standards for the dishes they provide. Our advisor, Mrs. Chitra Soni, who is a celebrated chef in Nagpur, guided our team to help them improve their talent. Both of these events were an excellent opportunity for us to interact with our chefs, and we can’t wait to share their delicacies with you!