Chicken Changezi

By Chef Tabinda T

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Mughlai


Serves 2

Chicken Changezi is a delicacy for which the chicken is barbecued first to retain its protein



Chicken Changezi is a Mughlai delicacy, that is popular in the Northern regions of India. Also known as Murgh Changezi, it’s a variable dish and has different recipes in different households. Our chef uses her family recipe, which makes it authentic and tasty. Chicken Changezi’s history, supposedly, links to Genghis Khan and the dish takes the name after him as Indians called him Changez Khan. Chicken changezi is a protein-rich dish and helps maintain healthy bones.

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Chef Tabinda T


Serves 2




You can eat this dish with some steamed rice or a flatbread of your choice. You can pour the gravy and chicken over the rice and mix it up, or take a bite-sized piece from the flatbread and chicken, dip it in the gravy, and enjoy. It's a mildly spicy dish that has a thick gravy and juicy chicken. It's supposed to be enjoyed hot and can be eaten at lunch or dinner party with your loved ones.