Rice Dhokla

By Chef Rupal V

Preparation Time : 9 Hrs

Tags: Gujarati


Serves 1/2 kg

A sweet and sour delicacy from Gujarat, these rice Dhoklas are a welcome change from our regular ones.



Rice Dhokla, also known as Khatta Dhokla, is a Gujarati delicacy. It’s a modern twist on the usual dhokla, which mainly consists of rice and uses less oil to cook, making it good for you. Rice Dhokla has its variations in Gujarat itself like, Rasai, Toor dal, Rava, Green peas, and many more. ‘Dukkia’ is the origin to dhokla, as mentioned in the Jain text dated 1066 C.E. (Common Era). This dish is easy to add to your diet as our chef steams it and uses less oil, as well as, this dish is gluten free and completely vegan.

Additional information


Chef Rupal V


Serves 1/2 kg




Rice dhokla is supposed to be enjoyed hot as it is very moist and soft when eating. The dhokla is served with some chutney and garnished with some tadka which will give it a unique taste to it. The dish can be eaten as an evening snack when you have some guests at your place with an accompaniment like a hot beverage.