Saoji Mutton

By Chef Varsha D

Preparation Time : 3 Hrs

Tags: Saoji


Serves 2

Saoji Mutton is a trademark dish of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is especially popular in Orange city, Nagpur.



Saoji Mutton is a Maharashtrian delicacy consisting of juicy and perfectly cooked mutton. Also known as Savji or Savaji Mutton, it’s an old delicacy gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Saoji Mutton originates from the Saoji community, known for their hot and spicy flavour. The community originates from Nagpur and attracts a lot of people from various cities. While it’s a spicy delicacy, the use of spices in this dish are home-made and has a very unique flavour. This drool-worthy delicacy consists of our chef’s family recipe making it authentic as well.

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Chef Varsha D


Serves 2




Enjoy this delicacy with a flatbread of your choice or with some steamed rice. If eating with a flatbread, break a bite-sized piece of the flatbread and dip in some gravy or if eating with rice, pour the gravy and pieces over the rice, and get mix-y!! It's a spicy delicacy that contains juicy and succulent mutton with a rich, thick gravy. It's supposed to be enjoyed hot and can be eaten a lunch or dinner on a weekend with your loved ones.