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The Origin of Paper Bags and Celebrating Paper Bag Day!!…ng-paper-bag-day/

“Why do paper bags never win poker tournaments? Because they always fold.” Sorry to start with a bad joke, but carry bags are an integral part of our grocery shopping. Before the invention of plastic bags, people used cloth bags. Bags form a part of the packaging process for almost every product and service in today’s world.

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Carry bags can be of plastic or cloth or paper, or a combination of some materials. But plastic bags have the highest demand because of their durability, strength, and storage features. Cloth bags are also an excellent option, and we reuse them, but they can get dirty and need to be washed. People discard plastic bags since they have an endless supply because it’s cheap and the raw materials are available in abundance. However, this seems a big issue in the world- Pollution. People use plastic bags once and dispose of them without any consideration to the environment. A plastic bag is known as the “Bad Boy” of pollution since it’s not biodegradable. These bags also affect biodiversity, killing thousands of species of flora and fauna every year.

Here are some interesting facts on the use of plastic bags. The world uses over 100 billion plastic bags in a year, which requires more than 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. An average person uses just over 360 plastic bags per year. Compared to that, in Denmark, a person uses four plastic bags in a year!! There’s more to go on, but bags need to be carefully discarded and recycled so that there’s no or minimal harm to the environment.

Considering this issue, there was a sudden urge to make something that can be discarded but doesn’t ‘damage’ the environment. Then came the idea of Paper Bags. In this, we will highlight the use of paper bags in Nativ Chefs packaging along with a brief history. Paper bags, as the name suggests, are made of paper which acts as ‘carry bags’ for groceries and packaging goods for consumers. However, the year 1852 saw the birth of the paper bag. The credit for its creation goes to Francis Wolle, who first introduced a machine for the mass production of paper bags. Moreover, several others then tried their variant in developing the paper bags’ design, and as we can see today, there are several types of paper bags.

With the paper bag being a ‘green alternative’, there are some advantages in using the paper bag such as-

  • https://www.nativchefs.comThey are made of renewable sources and hence, are recyclable and biodegradable
  • It takes minimal energy to manufacture paper bags as compared to plastic bags
  • These bags are made from wood fibre, so they can be recycled and can be turned into newspapers or magazines
  • Paper bags are eco-friendly. Since they leave no toxins, they can be used as compost

Keeping these factors in mind, we, Nativ Chefs, also use recyclable paper bags to deliver the best experience to our customers. Furthermore, our bags and containers are biodegradable. So, after disposal, we are sure that there’s minimal or no harm to the environment. You can even reuse our paper bags to get groceries for your home, or you can also use them as a gift to make someone happy!!

Well, we hope everyone reduces the use of plastic bags and uses more paper bags to avoid polluting the environment.